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Chocolate bars

Single Origin Chocolate Bars (35 grams)

Cacao beans have different tasting notes according to where they are grown. The beans we use to make these bars come form one country. Meaning, for example, that a Peruvian chocolate bar is made only from cacao beans that were grown in Peru. We make chocolate bars with cacao beans from these countries:


Mexico 70%

Tasting notes: tabacco, malt and vanilla.


Peru 70%

Tasting notes: hint of nuts, wine and red fruits


Papua New Guinea 70%

Tasting notes: molasses, wine, dark fruits


Honduras 70%

Tasting notes: oak, nuts and toffee


Ecuador 70%

Tasting notes: orange, vanilla and hazelnuts


Vietnam 70%

Tasting notes: Lemon , Orange and Mocha

Chocolate Bars with Additional Flavours (35 grams)

We also make chocolate bars with additional ingredients to create bars with different flavours. These are the flavours that we are currently featuring:


Coffee 75%

Ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, coffee beans


Brazilian Spice 60%

Ingredients: cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, chili peper

Extra Dark Chocolate Bars (35 grams)

We are very proud of the chocolate bar we sweeten with Manitoba Honey because it was the recipe that inspired us to start this business. The bar is made with cacao beans, cacao butter and creamed honey from Manitoba. We also make 90% bar sweetened with sugar and 100% bar with no sweetener. The beans from Peru and Papua New Guinea are very smooth.


Mantiboa Honey 80%
The creamed honey gives this bar a unique texture which changes over time if the bar is not refrigerated.


Papua New Guinea 90%
Its not as bitter as it sounds because of the sweet flavour from the beans of Papua New Guinea


Peru 100%
Very dark and smooth made with  the amazing cacao beans from Peru.

Cacao snack (60 grams)

A mix of cacao beans with roasted almonds and cranberries. The mix is seasoned with fleur de sel, pink pepper and chilli flakes.   

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